JK Literary Agency was founded on the love of books, the creative pursuit of writing, and the interest in helping writers become published authors. We love everything about books—the smell, the words, the information, the images the words create in our minds, and the emotions they evoke in our hearts.  


Dr. Karp is the founder of and principal agent at JK Literary Agency. A prolific writer, he is the author of 12 books and more than 400 print and online magazine articles. His books have been published by multiple publishers, including Wiley, Reader’s Digest, and Human Kinetics. He also served as senior editor for Active Network.

When he was growing up, his favorite and best subjects were in the humanities: English, language arts, and foreign languages. He studied six years of French in middle school and high school and always got an A. He loved it. He also studied a year of Latin in high school and a semester of Russian in college, where he minored in English. When he told his English-major twin brother that he was going to minor in English, his twin accused him of copying him. Sometimes, the best copycat wins.

Although he has three degrees in a scientific field, he often plays in his brain’s other hemisphere to pursue his love of writing. His books can be found on Amazon.